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Adhesive Consumption

Viscosity: Viscosity is the measurement of thickness of glue. Proper viscosity is needed for good runnaility and uniform control of manufacturing process. It measured in Ford Cup B4.

Solids: It reflects the amount of starch in the glue. Higher the solids greater the bonding. There will be marginal improvement in the tack above 25% of solids. Refracto meter is used to measure this parameter.

Gel Temprature: It is the temprature at which the glue gelatinizes and form green bond in the corrugation board. This is an important factor when the corrugation is running at higher speed or higher GSM paper is used.

Genaral Guidelines:

Corrugation Glue 35 ( +/- 3 Sec) 12-20 Instant
Pasting Glue 30 ( +/- 3 Sec) 16-25 2 Hours
Tube Winding Adhesive 240 33-40 Can process the tube in 10 min.

Note: The above parameters are only an indication and need to be changed according to the variable factors like Paper GSM, Machine Speed, Rollertemprature (corrugation only), paper moisture and humidity in the atmosphere.
Glue Consumption:
Corrugation Powder : 5-7 gms / mtr2
Pasting Powder : 8-12 gms / mtr
Tube Winding : Approx. 8% of Paper consumptions with 38% solids.

With better glue one can reduce the consumption to lower limits. Right manufacturing process and appropriate glue can help achieve more than theoretical B/S of corrugation board.
These composition levels are only genral indications and may vary with actual conditions.